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Handmade British Wooden Baptisteries

6 Foot Portable Wooden Baptistery

6' wooden baptistery

Made in British beech-veneered ply, this nine-sided wooden baptist(e)ry is both attractive and very versatile.  It is good looking and in keeping with almost any church interior.  As it flat-packs, it is easy to store and transport too.  It is 180cm across and 82cm deep and is big enough to baptize an adult with two attendants.  The baptistery is supplied with a liner and the nuts and bolts to put the pool together.  If you need a pool with a larger diameter, there is a 7′ version of this pool


£2,100 + £50.00 Delivery  (VAT is already included).

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can also purchase these from us.

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