The Galilee Baptistery is Back!

This ever popular baptistery pool is back again.  And at a special offer price.

the popular old Galilee baptistry pool

The Galilee has always been popular because it is quick to set up and is insulated too.  So good is the insulation that if you have a hot water supply, you could get away without needing a heater.  It is especially good for churches that meet in borrowed rooms where a quick set up and take down is wanted.

The Galilee has plenty of space too being 5′ wide and 7′ long, a tall candidate and room for two ministers.

Being quick to fill, it is a bit shallower than our other pools at about 65cm.  The advantage, though, is that you don’t need a step and visibility for the congregation is better.  This makes it ideal for candidates who are less mobile.

You also have two pools in one – without the two straight sections, the pool is a circular 5′ pool which is very quick and easy to set up and saves on water.  We have had churches baptise adults in it – they got them to kneel and then lowered them sideways.

The pool has has a double liner system, which we have never, ever had leak.

The baptistery comprises 6 panels and fastenings and 2 liners.  As a special offer, the first order will come with insulating floating covers AND base pads.

And this is at the introductory offer price of £995+delivery. Click here for more details or to Contact us