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Bens Boat outside the church
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Ben’s Boat Portable Wooden Baptistry

Special offer of £1200 inc free mainland UK delivery

Named after one of  our carpenters, Ben’s Boat is a portable wooden baptistry pool 228cm long and 170cm wide and approximately 80cm deep.  The pool is made of ‘sculpted wood’ and can be stained and varnished to a lighter or darker shade as you prefer.  This is our most popular church baptistery and it is not difficult to see why!  Good-looking, great value and masses of room (over 7’6″ long and 5’8″ wide).

Another advantage of the ‘Ben’s Boat’ pool is that it comes with a double-liner system.  The baptistry is supplied with two 0.35mm (14 thou. of  an inch gauge) pale blue vinyl liners.  Our double-liner system gives the peace of mind that, should you ever be unlucky enough to puncture one liner,  the water will not leak out.  As with all our pools, the liners can often be repaired (we can also supply repair kits).  And, if you cannot repair them, all our liners can be replaced.  The pool comes with all fastenings and a discounted rate kit box can be supplied too.  If you would like a step to go in the water, please visit the kit box page.

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£1,200 +  FREE delivery (usually £60.00) to UK mainland 

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can also purchase these from us.

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