Compact Wooden Portable Baptistry

mini wooden pool
This compact and portable baptistery is approximately 170cm (~5′6″) in diameter and 80cm (~31″) deep.  It is supplied with a single 0.5mm gauge (20 thou. of an inch) liner.  It comprises 4  quarter arc panels that bolt together and is available as clear varnished,  or stained and varnished at a pre-agreed price.  If you would like any equipment (pump, pipe, etc), contact us as we have an excellent value kit box just for this pool.  Now, the pool also comes with a step to go in the water included in the price.

Big enough for kneeling adults, it is also quick to fill, heat and empty. It is ideal for churches meeting in borrowed premises or where a quick set-up and take down is preferred.  It is also ideal for younger candidates.


£1150+ delivery (UK mainland only. Prices are between £70-£120, so please check delivery at time of ordering as prices vary across the country.)

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can also purchase these from us.